On August 20, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act which created a variety of programs, including Community Action Agencies, as part of his War on Poverty. He know then, as we know now, that the war against poverty must be won in communities; in every private home and in every public office.

This May, we are proud to be celebrating over fifty years of service to Southeast Iowa. Sieda Community Action was established in 1965 to fight poverty in our region by promoting self-sufficiency for those of limited income. Sieda works with communities to secure opportunities for people in need through advocacy, counseling, education, partnerships, and supportive services.

Our statistics underscore a positive impact on communities. Despite experiencing increased demands for services during a difficult economic period, Sieda has continued to help numerous individuals improve their lives by providing them with essential services and life-changing opportunities through housing stabilization programs, mental heath and substance abuse counseling services, parent education programs, childcare and education programs, and other community-based programs that provide food, clothing, and crisis assistance. As Executive Director, Brian Dunn, attests, “Our fantastic staff at Sieda Community Action works hard to ensure our clients receive the highest quality programs and services as we and our partners work to build communities of resilient citizens throughout our service area.”

Join us this month of May, as we recognize the opportunities Community Action Programs across the state help create to provide a brighter, more stable future.