The Sieda Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) recently participated in the State On-Site Program Review. The annual review includes an on-site visit after the end of the fiscal year to monitor proper program implementation and service outputs. The families served by Sieda FaDSS program were also measured for self-sufficiency and family functioning due to the service of our program.

The Sieda FaDSS program performed positively according to the Iowa Program evaluation. The State Program Manager included the following comments in the program review:

  • “Goal Setting, a core component of the FaDSS model, is done with skill.  Goals are thorough, detailed and accurately capture the families’ barriers to self-sufficiency being addressed.”
  • “Program Staff demonstrate significant skill in overall documentation.  Case notes…provide a balanced view of both a family’s situation and the role of the specialist in supporting the family.”
  • “The quality and depth of collaboration (internal and external services/providers) evident in some family files is commendable.”
  • “The program has developed a positive, collaborative working relationship with the Promise Jobs program.”
  • “…staff are able to work with families in a holistic, strength based manner.”
  • “Program staff appear to work together collaboratively, relying on each other for support and for creative solutions in working with families.”

After receiving the positive evaluation, the staff showed their strengths and how they make their program Awesome in a group photo. Staff pictured include Dianne Hendee, Kirby Rowl, Joy Olson, Jamie Anderson and Ona Miller-Roberston.