Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment seeks to promote and educate on the dangers of tobacco use by way of our Tobacco Prevention Specialist. 

Our prevention specialist, Paige, provides education and programming to decrease underage tobacco use and helping current smokers access resources that will help them stop smoking

One great resource that smokers can currently access is Quitline Iowa. Through Quitline Iowa, current tobacco users may be eligible for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Additionally, if you live with someone who uses tobacco, Quitline has provided a helpful chart of How To (and How Not To) help them stop smoking:

DO: Offer support – Ask Questions and Listen; Plan tobacco free outings; Be patient and positive; Make a plan of how you can help; Know quitting is hard; Celebrate every attempt to quit

DON’T: Nag or Preach – Making them feel bad won’t help; Smoke around them; Be hard on them if they slip; Give advice; Offer them tobacco, even as a joke; Doubt them – they can quit with your help! 

Patience, positivity, and planning a path to stop smoking can go a long way towards curbing tobacco use.