We are excited to announce that Sieda Head Start has been awarded a $30,000 grant to fund the purchase of playground equipment for our students.

At the Sieda Head Start in the Cardinal School District, the number of students registering has grown to over seven classes, totaling to 128 students at the preschool location. 

The class sizes have grown so much that Ashley Brink, center supervisor for our partnership at Cardinal, saw the need for additional pre-school approved playground equipment. More equipment would promote better safety, health, and exercise for the students, all important tenets for our Head Start program.  

Working alongside administration at Cardinal School District, Ashley decided to apply for a grant from the Legacy Foundation in Ottumwa that would provide the funding necessary to help our students have proper health and excercise at Cardinal. Good news arrived in late April when Ashley was notified that the Foundation had granted her proposal the designated amount of $30,000. 

When asked about the approval for funding, Ashley stated, “Sieda Head Start would like to thank the Ottumwa Legacy Foundation for their support to our project. We are extremely excited for opportunity to provide more equipment for our young learners in a growing community. Staff and families are excited!”

Sieda Community Action is proud to have employees that seek to constantly better their programs and take action to ensure we see improvement. 

A word of gratitude for the Legacy Foundation and Cardinal School District for continuing to partner and serve students in our community.