Summer is upon us with a vengeance with highs in the next few days predicted to be near 100 degrees!  We don’t often think about our furnace in times like these, but if our home is equipped with central air conditioning, now is the time to be mindful of a few important points.  Sieda’s Housing Stabilization Unit would like to remind you to take a few simple steps to help your AC work at its maximum potential.

  1. Be sure to replace your furnace filter regularly.  Keeping a clean filter in the furnace is especially important in the summer time.  Your furnace fan will run more frequently when using the central air and will collect more dirt and dust.  Keeping a clean filter in the system will help your AC to work more efficiently and effectively.
  2. Keep your curtains or blinds drawn during the heat of the day.  Sunlight pouring through the windows is a welcome sight, but it adds heat to your home and causes your AC to run more.
  3. Check your outside AC unit.  If you have greenery or shrubs near your outside AC unit be sure to keep them trimmed and away from the unit.  This will allow it to work more efficiently.  Remove any dirt or dead vegetation that may have built up in the cooling fins as well.
  4. Have your system checked and tuned by an HVAC professional.  It is best to have your furnace and AC checked once per year to help it maintain maximum efficiency.

These few simple steps could save you money on your utility bill and help your central air conditioning system have a longer, healthier life span.