In April, Sieda Parents as Teachers program hosted an Energy Wise training for Sieda and SCICAP Parents as Teachers staff, along with other local parenting education programs. The training was provided by our guest presentor, Peter Schaffer, Senior Analyst with the Cadmus Energy Services Division in Portland, Oregon.

​Sieda Parents as Teachers program has provided the Energy Wise Training and Energy Saving Kits to eligible families for the past two years. The kit includes materials for saving energy and utilities, such as LED lightbulbs, window insulation, high-efficiency showerhead, and faucet aerators. The Iowa Energy Wise program is sponsored by the Iowa Utility Association, Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy and Mid-American Energy and is offered to PAT families at no cost.

Contact Sieda Parents as Teachers for more information about the Energy Wise Training and Energy Saving Kit to find out if you’re eligible or visit