September 30th Kitty Bogle, Cindy Roush, Jessica Fenton and Lynn Godwin represented Seida at the Hy-Vee Block party. Hy-Vee Block Party provided fun for all ages with a grill going, live music, and over 80 vendors.

Sieda was well represented at the Saturday event in Fairfield. Sieda’s Parents as Teachers, Jessica and Lynn, set this event up as a group connection with “If you Give a Pig a Pancake” story theme.  The learning activities included pancake flipping memory games and pancake toss with a hungry pig. Sieda’s Jefferson County Resource Center Cap Specialist, Cindy, provided promotional materials, such as the Sieda Frisbee’s for another fun activity for kids and valuable LIHEAP information. Kitty represented Behavioral Health Prevention with Sieda Panda buttons and pool noodle ring toss throw.