Behavioral Health and Treatment Prevention Staff are Collaborating with Ottumwa Teens

Sieda Community Action’s Behavioral Health and Treatment Services Prevention Staff  are doing what they can to support the Bulldog Action Group, an organization of volunteer students from Ottumwa Accelerated Career Academy (ACA) to conduct community events for youth. The goal of these community events is for youth to spend time with parents, mentors, and role models who want to be more involved in their lives. The focus this year is to create activities for teens to participate with a significant adult.

The hobby classes hosted will provide teens with opportunities to build caring connections with families and adults. Educational materials will be used to teach students the importance of resiliency and ways to build resiliency factors. By planning and organizing these activities, students will develop skills and values that lead to efficient use of personal ability, and a good range of social problem solving skills. These events will also help increase a student’s self-esteem and confidence, as well as a sense of direction. 

The Bulldog Action Group recently hosted two hobby classes. On November 13th they learned cookie decorating and frosting techniques from the owner of The Wild Flour Bakery. November 17th they held a fall canvas painting class with Nicki, at The Vine.

Bulldog Action Group will have upcoming events next month starting with a holiday-themed canvas class on Friday, December 1st. The second class for the month will be held Monday, December 11th to decorate gingerbread houses. On Thursday, December 21st the students will host a canvas class.  The events are open to all teens and those they invite.  Please learn more by going to the Ottumwa Community School District: 180 Days Events For Teens by Teens


Decorating turkey, leaf and pumpkin cookies at the Wild Flour Bakery with owner Leah on Monday, November 13th, 2017.

Lisa and Amanda at the canvas painting class making fall art at The Vine on Friday, November 17th