Sieda Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program has been working hard to connect in several of the counties they serve. Many events have happened in the last weeks that helped PAT provide parents with information on child development and suggested learning opportunities that encourage the development of language, intellect, and physical and social skills.

Sieda Parents as Teachers Educators were a part of the Dr. Seuss birthday party at the Wapello County Extension Office with parental information and interactive Dr. Seuss activities for the children and their families. The local news even caught one of Sieda’s educators in action.

At the Southeast Iowa Farm Show in Fairfield, the Sieda PAT provided a playful red barn farm guessing game “Who is behind that barn door?” Free books, information, and story stretchers were distributed to families that visited.

Parents as Teachers Educator as well as the Behavioral Health and Treatment Prevention Specialist took part in the Fairfield Community School Districts Health and Resource Fair held at the Fairfield Middle School.  Both were present to provide parents with knowledge of child development, parenting support, and resources to continue growing healthy families and children.

The Goals of PAT:

  • Empower parents  
  • Create a successful foundation for school and life 
  • Increase parental knowledge and confidence 
  • Enhance family relationships 
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect 
  • Early detection of delays 
  • Family‐centered goal setting