As part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month through April, Sieda’s many programs have been involved in a variety of ways.

Several of Sieda’s Family Support Services employees had the chance to attend the 2018 Child Abuse Prevention and Family Support Conference in Des Moines. Workers from programs such as the Family Development and Self Sufficiency (FaDSS), and Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visitation (MIECHV) had the chance to listen to state and national experts, attend workshops and network with other Iowa’s family support and early childhood professionals.

At the event’s reception Sieda’s FaDSS Generalists Dianne Hendee, Jamie Anderson, and Ona Miller-Robertson, along with MIECHV Worker Angie Mach, Robin Simmons, and MIECHV Supervisor Sue Wolver performed a skit.

View skit below or on Sieda Community Action’s Facebook page.

Narration by Sue Wolver:

Ok, so we’ve all heard the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Most villages have at least a few superheroes, you know those people who go above and beyond while under a secret identity. Well, we at Sieda, believe that there is a little bit of superhero in everyone.

Please allow me to introduce just a few of them. Maybe you’ll even recognize the superhero in you.

This is Sarge. Sarge is Sieda’s mascot. She represents all of the fabulous hard working employees in our agency. Sarge wears many hats on any given day from advocacy to education. Her secret identity is Panda Bear.

Next, we have Angie the Advocate. By day this superhero flies to home visits and community meetings. She stays informed on community activities and resources so she can be the best advocate for her families. Her secret identity is Em Power.

Next, we have Robin the Reframer. Robin spends her days helping the families she serves to see the positive side of things. She transforms their problems into manageable goals. Her secret identity is Norma Lize.

Next, we have Dianne the Clarifier. Dianne swoops into her family’s homes to help them identify and overcome barriers to their success. Her secret identity is Emma Pathy.

And last but not least we have Ona the Agent of Change. When she isn’t leaping buildings in a single bound, she’s working with her families to assist them in accessing resources to help them change their situation for the better. Her secret identity is Etha Hicks.  (Ethics)

So hopefully maybe you can recognize a little bit of superhero in yourself tonight.