Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services staff attended the 41st Annual Governor’s Conference on Substance Use Disorders.  Substance Abuse counselor Lori Grim, Mark Gillman, Tiara Perez, Sheila Rogers, and Ben Wlydes. Frank Harper our mental health counselor. Kim Kelly Clinical supervisor and Kristal Miller Assistant Clinical supervisor were all in attendance. The Governor’s Conference offered a variety of keynote speakers and several breakout sessions including Tools for the Opioid crisis, Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Program, Methamphetamine: Current knowledge on treatment of individuals with Methamphetamine use disorders, and Success in recovery coaching today.

Several of our staff found the keynote, Methamphetamine: Current knowledge about effects and treatment, presented by Richard Rawson Ph.D. to be very informative. Prolonged drug use changes the brain in fundamental and long-lasting ways. Some medical consequences of Methamphetamine use are cardiovascular effects, pulmonary effects, dental effects, dermatological effects, and psychiatric effects. He pointed out that treatment for methamphetamine use can include psychosocial and behavior therapies. He also pointed out that recovery of the brain dopamine transporters happens after sustaining abstinence for some time.

Keynote speaker Corey Waller MD, MS, FACEP, DFASAM spoke on “why we are failing patients with addiction and how to fix it”. He pointed out how important quality treatment is by having in place an integrated care system such as a prescriber, support, behavioral health, care coordination, and social correlates. Here at Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services, we are striving to provide an integrated care system. The Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) unit is now open. Sieda BHTS MAT Brochure  Please contact Sieda Behavioral Health at 641-683-6747 for more information on receiving services.

We were very happy to be able to attend the conference and look forward to attending again next year.