Sieda’s Seeds of Hope program partnered with Rachel Snow, a resident of Steller Woods Village Ottumwa early in the spring. With the help from Sieda’s Seeds of Hope, the low-income housing complex was able to start the community garden. Rachel and others came together to build the gardens near the playground area. The experience brought out both adults and children.

The garden they built is something for Rachel and others to be proud of. Now that it has flourished it not only addresses food insecurity but provides a sense of community. The garden at Steller Woods is a place to work together to provide nutrition and see their hard work grow and fruit. “It’s a really good chance to introduce proper nutrition and life lessons like patience and perseverance,” Snow said.

With Sieda Seeds of Hope, they have also had nutrition lessons at Steller Woods Village for the children in the area. Even the pinwheels in the garden to scare the rabbits provide entertainment for children enjoying the garden. Sieda and Sieda Seeds of Hope are pleased to see the gardens growing and hope that in the future the gardens can expand.

Click to view the Thursday, April 19th, 2018 KTVO story “Homeless to hopeful: Ottumwa mom finds refuge in community service” by Beth Waldon.

Beginning Construction

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