Two of Sieda Community Action’s programs were able to bring several hands-on-learning activities to contribute to STEAMfest held by the Wapello County 4-H / ISU Extension & Outreach.

Sieda’s Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visitation (MIECHV) and Parent as Teachers (PAT) contributed activities that tie into what STEAM is all about; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

MIECHV’s table had magnetic painting as an activity. The children were offered several different metal items (screws, bolts, washers, nuts, springs, and pull chains). Once the metal pieces were dipped in paint and laid out on paper inside a tray they used a magnetic wand underneath to create their colorful art.

PAT’s table focused on handiness and cross-lateral correlation, something that affects how we later read and write. Children and parents could try various activities to see how they used cross lateral skills.

It was a great community and family building event that Sieda was happy to be a part of.