The Sieda Head Start Policy Council held their first meeting of the 2018-2019 school year. The Policy Council is a decision-making group comprised of parents and community representatives from Sieda’s 7 core counties. Being a council member is a great way for parents to be involved.

Sieda Head Start provides young children and their families with positive experiences. Our goal to promote healthy, self-sufficient, successful individuals, within their communities. With this mission in mind, we believe the parent is the foremost teacher in their child’s life.

Why is the Sieda Head Start Policy Council a great choice?

  • Be a part of program planning and committee groups
  • Assist in policy and procedure review
  • Advocate your child’s learning
  • Receive program information directly from management staff
  • Help make decisions
  • Join a team focused on enhancing the program
  • Represent your local parent group
  • Provide knowledge and input on program activities
  • Meals provided
  • Mileage is paid

 It is not too late to show your support. The council meets once a month. The next meeting is October, 18th at the main Sieda office located at 725 W. Second Street, Ottumwa. Interested in becoming a Policy Council Representative? Ask your child’s teacher, Family Service Worker or center supervisor. For phone numbers for your county go to