Many excellent events and festivals are happening this fall across our counties. Sieda’s Head Start program was no exception. Three of our many centers approached fall in different but equally creative ways.

Appanoose Sieda Head Start held a Harvest Party to celebrate the end of their ‘Ball Study.’ The class dressed up as farmers. Family members were invited to join the class. All of the activities were pumpkin focused because they are shaped like a ball. The class made delicious pumpkin muffins, enjoyed making a scarecrow, and decorated pumpkins. They played a pumpkin bowling game and bean bag toss into a pumpkin head. They ran out of time to act out ‘Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate’ and read ‘The Little Old Lady that Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.’

Mahaska Sieda Head Start held activities for both the AM and PM preschool children. They had a Friendship Day. They created fantastic friendship hats and learned what it means to be a good friend. Once dressed in their new hats they had a Friendship Parade. The parade traveled to the different preschool staff members were the students received goodies such as party horns, stamps, bubbles, kazoos, and pencils for their bags.

A four-year-old classroom at Pickwick Early Childhood Center experimented with science. They had a miniature pumpkin launching. The students had their own little catapult and candy pumpkins to learn and explore.

It is amazing to see the different ways the students are learning this fall. Thank you for sharing.

Appanoose Sieda Head Start

Mahaska Sieda Head Start

Pickwick Early Childhood Center