Sieda Community Action presented four staff members at the Sieda All-Staff meeting on November 16th with the Sargent Shriver excellence of service award.

Sargent Shriver Awards are a staff-centered awards process for Sieda employees. The awards recognize positive behaviors that support the agency’s mission, vision, and values. For the reason of helping create a culture of mutual respect and recognition for employees at all levels. There are two separate award categories; the employee of the year award and supervisor of the year award.

Therefore, the employee of the year award honors three individual employees who have no staff reporting to them. This could be, for example, teachers, administrative assistants, home visitation specialists, or program specialist. Sieda honors one supervisor with the supervisor award. They must have one or more staff that reports to them and is in a leadership position within the organization.

Candidates for both the employee and supervisor award are nominated by any member of the agency. Then selected by a committee of employees.

The 2018 Sargent Shriver Award winners are presented below.

Employee of the Year – Anna Samayoa

This staff member has worked very hard in carrying out the mission and vision of the agency through various means.  She has multiple skills that enable her to work in a variety of capacities within the agency whether through helping take LIHEAP applications, translating for clients or translating literature for other units all while fulfilling her regular duties. In a recent staff meeting, we were discussing new standards that will mean significant changes and increased workload for staff. This employee did not gripe or complain about the changes, she cheerfully encouraged everyone to face the challenges head-on and reassured us that we would find a way to make it work.  Her upbeat and positive attitude is an inspiration to her co-workers on a daily basis. Her attitude is exemplary and her dedication to her work is beyond reproach.

Employee of the Year Runner-up – Jennifer Caldwell

This staff member works with community partners to assist clients in becoming self-reliant, involved and positive contributors to the community.  She coordinates between staff and partners to both hold clients accountable and to assist them in accessing resources at Sieda and in the community.  She regularly assists clients in their applications for health insurance which enables them to participate in healthcare opportunities throughout the community. She links clients to our services and other services in the community by answering questions in a respectful manner.

Employee of the Year 2nd Runner-up –  Kris Pezley

This staff member has endeavored to know the resources in communities. She encourages a sense of self-worth for clients and maintains a strength-based approach to her work. She demonstrates, through her interactions, that individuals are unique and valuable members of their family. She lets clients know through her calm, pleasant demeanor that she cares about their needs and concerns and that they are valued as individuals and as parents.

Supervisor of the Year – Kim Kelly

This leader is passionate about Sieda Community Action, the services we provide and the people we serve. I have heard her share with many people within Sieda and out in the community that she believes in what Sieda Community Action does and that Sieda truly helps others in needs. When in the community talking about the services we provide, it is apparent she is very proud of Sieda. She looks for opportunities in the communities to partner and collaborate to secure the opportunities. She is an advocate for Sieda Community Action, the people we serve and the communities that we serve. She believes with help from Sieda and other community involvement, people can be resilient, self-reliant and can contribute positively to their families and communities.

Congratulations to all our award winners, and thank you for your service and dedication to Sieda Community Action!