On December 7th Sieda handed out two very colorful bags at the Sieda Wapello County Resource Center. Every year Sieda Community Action sends a letter in the mail to our pre-qualified low-income senior households asking if they would like to be included in the Silver Bells Program. This year we had a total of 215 homes with 246 individuals that we had an orange bag of food and a purple bag of gift items.

Sieda’s Silver Bells Program would not have been a success without the help of our partners. Thanks to the groups in the community that combined their money and time with Sieda. Alone Sieda’s gift of food and a bag would not have been as amazing as the final group outcome. The orange and purple bags looked great together.

First of all, the purple bags were gift bags from the First United Methodist Church. The great people at the church bought and packaged items for 102 men and 144 women. A few of the pieces were socks, gloves, caps, blankets, and a useful gift of toilet paper. The items in the purple bags were to add a little warmth and cheer.

A senior gentleman commented to me while I placed his bags in his car, “My wife died last year, and I have no family. These are the only gifts I’ll be getting this Christmas.” Many of us take for granted what these gifts mean to our seniors. Especially the seniors who are living in a house or apartment on their own.

Similarly, the orange bags were a gift bag. Sieda supplied bags and money for food. Our partners helped donate financially or with their time to the food bag. We wish to thank John Deere, Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, and Principal Financial Group for helping with the food gift bag. With help, we were able to purchase a variety of food from local grocery stores. We also wish to thank these grocery stories for helping us with our large food orders. Items in the bags included ham, canned vegetables and fruit, broth, gravy, noodles, Jell-O, potatoes, butter, and stuffing. Principal Financial Group of Ottumwa came to pack the bags a few days before. They were able to fill food bags for 215 senior households. Thanks for your hard work.

Once again, Sieda would like to thank all those who donated their time, funding, and work to help make the Silver Bells Program successful. You’ve made a very merry holiday for these households in our community! For other Sieda Christmas Programs in Wapello or our other counties click here.