The Children’s Christmas Program went well at the Sieda Jefferson County Resource Center. Due to many volunteer hours and generous givers and supporters in the county. The list of all the individuals, groups, churches, banks, clinics, and businesses that did so is long. The Jefferson County community came together to adopt children or donate to spread the spirit of Christmas. As a result, they made this a better Christmas for a child in a low-income family.

Jefferson County Poverty

Sieda’s many programs including the Christmas programs help with the struggles of financial difficulties. Children under the age of 18 in Jefferson County in 2017, living below the 100% poverty line was 24.8%.[1] Nearly a quarter of children in Jefferson County are dealing with extreme poverty. A Christmas present is one thing as a community that can bring them joy. Hence, relieve some of the stress of a family already struggling to meet basic needs. Looking at the poverty guidelines for 2018 a household of four makes less than $25,100 in a year.

Those Helped

There isn’t enough room on this page to list all the generous supporters and donators. Due to the kindness of the community, 571 children received gifts. Furthermore, helping provide toys, clothing, coats, and other items to assist 245 families during a financially stressful time of year. Donated lightly-used items were set out to help with any other needs the families might have.

“As we handed out gifts over the last two days, we were told repeatedly how much those gifts were appreciated. How much they would mean to the children receiving them. When we were told that some children would not have had a Christmas without the program, it simply reinforced our belief in the value of our shared efforts and our determination to keep moving forward. I have said it before and it becomes truer every year – this is a community effort that would not happen without each of you filling your own niche. When we all pull together and work toward a common goal – sharing Christmas joy and wonder with our area children – awesome things happen!” Carol Baiotto-Long, CAP Specialist at Sieda Jefferson County Resource Center.

Thank you Jefferson County community.