Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services (BHTS) offer training for alcohol retailers called Merchant Alcohol Training. For businesses with a liquor license, it is important to train employees and managers in responsible alcohol service. BHTS Prevention holds 2 types of classes that covers information such as valid IDs, alcohol laws, impairment factors, and intervention techniques:

• 2 hour class for any employees or managers from a business with a liquor license.

• 1 hour follow-up classes for previously trained.

A variety of businesses are represented including convenience stores, gas stations, wineries, bars, and restaurants.

The City of Centerville has an ordinance in place. It states any employees from a business that receives more than 50% of their income from alcohol must attend training within 30 days of hire. Those employees are also required to be re-trained every year. The City of Centerville recognizes the Sieda class as meeting their requirements.

Besides the Centerville businesses that are required to attend, at least another dozen county businesses have sent employees to the training. Since late 2010 a total of 409 people have been trained. Among other outcomes, the training helps limit underage drinking in Appanoose County.

If you have a business that could benefit from this training, contact Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services prevention staff at 641-683-6747. For further information on Sieda’s Prevention Services: