Many excellent family events and fairs happened this spring in our counties. Sieda’s Family Support Programs do their own family group connections but are also involved with community events to share parenting tips, fun activities, books, and encourage parents. Sieda’s Parents as Teachers (PAT), Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visitation (MIECHV), and other Sieda Programs work with a variety of different family-friendly events in the community.

In addition, Sieda’s Family Support Programs work together to host creative, interactive, educational, and family bonding experiences. Moreover, these events allow children and parents to learn, develop, and explore. To learn more about the Family Group Connections hosted by Seida’s PAT, MIECHV, and Family Development and Self Sufficiency (FaDSS) follow the link. Click Here

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Party

Sieda MIECHV Program Manager, Sue, and MIECHV Worker, Robin went to the Dr. Seuss event in March this year. The celebration is hosted by the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach: 4-H in Wapello County.

Appanoose County Healthy Kids Fair 

Many of Sieda’s Programs were at the event to show their support. Sieda MIECHV Workers Robin and Charisa were no exception. Charisa doesn’t show in the picture but was talking with “The Pitch” about MIECHV.

Sigourney School’s Family Reading Night

It was great that Sieda’s PAT and Head Start could be a part of the Family Reading Night. PAT’s Kris, along with Head Start’s Emily and Misty had “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” activities for students to enjoy.

National Drug Court Celebration

Angie represented Sieda at the Wapello Counties National Drug Court Celebration in the park. Angie is a Sieda MIECHV Worker in Wapello County. It was a very windy day but she still had children activities and information for adults.

Two Southeast Iowa Events

Sieda’s PAT Program Manager, Lynn, was at the Southeast Iowa Early Childhood – Family Fun Night event in April. As well as the Southeast Iowa Farm Show in Jefferson County last March. She showed inexpensive activities made from home objects and ways to encourage language growth in children.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities

De with Sieda PAT kicked-off Child Abuse Prevention Month with Mayor Lazio and the Wapello County Children’s Alliance. She did a variety of activities around the area. For example, De helped Douma Elementary School’s students plant their pinwheel garden.

Oskaloosa YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Sieda PAT Educator, Noreen, and Sieda Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Lisa, were at the Healthy Kids Day in May for Mahaska County. Both booths had children’s activities and learning materials. The Hungry Caterpillar was the theme of the children’s educational games at the PAT booth.