In October 2019, Sieda Parents as Teachers (PAT) earned the highest designation from the Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc. (PATNC): Blue Ribbon Affiliate status. Sieda PAT earned this prestigious endorsement due to Sieda PAT achieving all 138 of the Iowa Family Support Standards to receive the Iowa Family Support Credential. As well as meeting the necessary PAT Quality Standards and the PAT Essential Requirements. This indicates that Sieda PAT is one of PATNC top performing home visiting affiliates.

“Congratulations on earning your Parents as Teachers Quality Endorsement. Your community is truly enriched by the high level of service and excellent programming you are providing to families and communities.” Shared the President and CEO of Parents as Teachers, Constance Gully. 

In other words, being a Blue Ribbon Affiliate places  Sieda PAT among the highest quality members of the home visitation and parent education field. Furthermore asserting they implement the evidence-based Parents as Teachers model with fidelity and quality.

About the Model 

Parents as Teachers home visiting model is a proven and effective program. Results show: 

  • Children’s developmental delays and health problems are detected early 
  • Children enter kindergarten ready to learn, and the achievement gap is narrowed 
  • Children achieve school success into the elementary grades 
  • Parents improve their parenting knowledge and skills 
  • Parents are more involved in their children’s schooling 
  • Families are more likely to promote children’s language and literacy 
  • It prevents child abuse and neglect 

Parents as Teachers Program Manager Lynn Godwin, “Our program provides information and resources to ensure that parents and caregivers are confident in the emotional, behavioral and physical development of their children.”

Sieda PAT partners with families across Iowa, Jefferson, Keokuk, Mahaska, and Wapello Counties. Subsequently, services include home visits, group connections, child screening, and connections to community resources. “Your agency is doing a remarkable job of providing consistently high-quality family support services!” Reviewed Iowa’s Janet Horras, the State Home Visitation Program Director.

Lynn continues, “Our Sieda PAT Educators are very caring individuals. Who believe parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers. Adherence to these standards indicates our program is committed to providing high-quality services that will result in positive outcomes for young children and their families.”

For additional information concerning the Sieda Parents as Teachers, Sieda Community Action, Iowa, Keokuk, Jefferson, Mahaska and Wapello Counties contact:

Lynn Godwin
Parents as Teachers Program Manager
Sieda Community Action
725 West Second St.
Ottumwa, IA 52501
(641) 682-8741 ext. 148