The definition of prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising. Sieda Prevention and Substance Abuse Education staff strive to do just that. Their services span across all ages and members of the community. To continuously educate and work with people in the community to drastically reduce the start of substance misuse and problem gambling behaviors. 

Ever-Changing Information

Firstly, substances and research data are ever-changing when it comes to all varieties of drugs. Therefore, it is important as a family, business, school, and group to stay informed of new dangers that may have arisen. Our Prevention Services span across 10 counties to collaborate with all community sectors, for instance, a company for workplace training.

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The Risk for Youth

Secondly, substance use and misuse can adversely shape all aspects of a person’s life. Much more so in adolescents. When they’re not only learning social behaviors but their brain is still developing. Using any drugs at their age can hamper brain functions critical to motivation, memory, learning, judgment, and behavior control. For adults involved with the lives of youth, it is critical to intervene and provide the tools they will need to take the brighter path.  

Studies show that research-based programs, like the ones Sieda Prevention uses, can notably decrease the early use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among youth. Although there are many factors such as home life, that can affect young people, when they identify drug use as damaging the level of use diminishes. Stopping the misuse before it happens and develops into a lifelong struggle with dependency, health, and social and financial consequences.

Above all, Sieda Prevention and Substance Abuse Education staff are here to stop new threats from affecting our community’s safety. Below is a flyer with more information on the programs they offer. Please call 641-683-6747 or visit for a location in your county.


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