Sieda would like to acknowledge a new ROMA Implementer at our agency, Natalie Aeschliman. Natalie is Sieda’s Community Outreach and Data Specialist. To become a Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer (NCRI), Natalie was involved in a 4 Phase training program from June to October. The training was held by the Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) – National Peer to Peer (NPTP) Training Project.

This system, named “Results-Oriented Management and Accountability,” or ROMA, requires reporting from all Community Action Agencies (CAA) and CSBG funded agencies. Which includes Sieda Community Action. Across Iowa, there are only 11 NCRI and fewer of the NCRT (Trainers). Natalie is now a certified Implementer and can better assist Sieda with sound ROMA practices. By including the full ROMA cycle. ROMA uses 5 cycles, with the main goal being the outcome or result of our services and program activities. The cycles:

  1. Assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation of Services and Strategies
  4. Results and Reporting
  5. Analysis of the data

Most importantly, when an agency uses ROMA principles and practices, it can effectively optimize vital functions. For plans, such as the Community Needs Assessments, Strategic Planning, and other activities related to Organizational Standards requirements.

As a result, having completed the training process, NCRI Natalie can better assist in reviewing agency practices to support compliance with the Organizational Standards and help create results-orientated goals of our agency. So Sieda can continue to be a high-quality Community Action agency.