Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services (BHTS) staff worked together this week to complete several team building activities. Because many of the staff work in outer offices, they don’t get to work directly with each other. BHTS has staff that works across 10 counties. The activities helped build skills in communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and stress management.

Counselors, prevention specialists, supervisors, and support staff worked as teams of four to experience all challenges. The team-building experience was loosely based on the Escape Room model. Teams were required to complete four separate activities to help Santa retrieve his nice and naughty list from his locked computer. The end results were staff gained a better appreciation for each other’s strengths, a willingness to cooperate under stressful situations, and an opportunity to trust coworkers in various anxiety-provoking activities. Fun was had by all, and the best news is that Behavioral Health and Treatment staff were able to get Santa his list back in time for Christmas!

Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services staff train and continue to grow to be of greater help to clients. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance misuse please call Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services at 641-683-6747.