Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services prevention specialists are using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) as a planning process for preventing substance misuse and problem gambling. The five steps of the SPF offer prevention professionals a comprehensive process for addressing substance misuse and problem gambling. The effectiveness of the SPF begins with a clear understanding of community needs and involves community members in all stages of the planning process.  This process will take place over the next five years.

Our prevention staff is currently helping each county with the Assessment Step.  One part of this process is asking community members to fill out community readiness surveys.  Respondent’s answers will help determine the degree to which a community is willing and prepared to take action on an issue.  The focus of readiness surveys, based on Iowa Provider Network (IPN) priorities, includes:

  •       Adult Binge Drinking (ages 25-65)
    • Defined as drinking five or more drinks on an occasion for men or four or more drinks on an occasion for women based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  •       Youth Marijuana Use (Ages 12-20)
  •       Adult Prescription Medication Misuse (Ages 65 and over)
  •       Adult Problem Gambling (Ages 21 and over)
  •       Youth Tobacco Use (Ages 12-18)

Prevention staff is contacting 6 key respondents for each priority for each county. 

For example, 6 people in Mahaska County will complete surveys on youth tobacco use.

After completion of the surveys, prevention staff will score the answers that will help diagnose where we need to put our initial efforts.  Scoring will also help identify each community’s challenges and strengths, and the obstacles we are likely to meet as we move forward.