Get Ready… Get Set… Go!”  Just as when we were children and the “starter” would call these directions out to the runners in a race, the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is similar.  Staff in the Behavioral Health and Treatment Services prevention department have been measuring community readiness. For each of the ten counties in our service areas. This is the “Get Ready” step in the Strategic Prevention Framework.  

Priority areas such as youth tobacco use, youth marijuana use, adult binge drinking, adult gambling, and senior citizen medication misuse have been assessed for readiness.  Community stakeholders have completed surveys, and staff has recently scored those surveys.  Readiness is measured on a scale from 1 to 9, with one representing “No Awareness” of the issue and 9 representing “High Level of Community Ownership.”  Scoring considered the knowledge of current efforts, leadership, community climate, resources, and priority issues.

Communities will work through other steps in the SPF process over the next few years.  Communities will participate in planning – “Get Set.” As well as the implementation of programs and strategies – “Go!”  As a member of your community, look for opportunities to participate in this process facilitated by Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services.

For further information on the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) that our Sieda Prevention Specialists began, please visit:

 Sieda BHTS Prevention Strategic Prevention Framework