If you are finding yourself more exhausted at the end of the workday, you’re not alone. Various sources call it Zoom fatigue or Zoom “Brain Drain,” and it is the exhaustive effect of the seemingly endless parade of virtual obligations. Zoom is obviously not the only online platform that causes these issues.

This condition can be caused by trying to focus on multiple-person screens and other distractions while online. According to experts, we rely heavily on non-verbal cues when we communicate. When online, we often miss these cues. Our brain must then work overtime to fill in the gaps to derive meaning.

There are some things we can do to avoid these effects:

  1.  Avoid multitasking. The brain can really only do one thing at a time. Switching between tasks can cost you as much as 40 percent of your productivity.
  2.  Making more phone calls allows us to focus on just one thing. It gives us a break from online overload.
  3.  Turning off your camera when you use Zoom or other platforms can reduce stress.
  4.  Taking breaks during long video sessions allows us to look away from the screen and allow our brain and body to reset.

It is important that we take care of ourselves during this difficult time. Sieda BHTS Prevention and Substance Problem Education Staff reminding you to give your minds some much-needed respite.