Sieda Tobacco Prevention suggests the Quitline program which provides intensive long-term support to quit tobacco products for good. People with mental health and substance use conditions have unique hurdles when quitting tobacco.

National Jewish Health developed a tailored Quitline program to meet the needs of people living with behavioral health conditions. Individuals who report mental health and substance use disorders have higher rates of tobacco use and lower rates of cessation. In fact, more than one-third of all tobacco users in the United States are consumed by individuals with a behavioral health condition. More than half of Quitline callers report at least one condition, and nearly one in three callers report multiple behavioral health conditions that impact cessation. Research suggests people with behavioral health conditions want to quit and do quit with support that is more intensive and helps to cope with mood and stress.

Quitline Participants receive:

  • Seven scheduled telephone coaching sessions over three months. The first call focuses on developing and practicing coping skills to manage stress while quitting. The second call builds commitment to a personalized quit plan. Additional calls address slips and prevent relapse.
  • Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) for 6-8 weeks with combinations of the patch, gum, or lozenge dependent on funding.
  • A personalized Welcome Package including educational materials and the industry-renowned My Quit Journey© workbook. 
  • A suite of eHealth services to supplement telephone coaching including customized email and text messages, online chat, and interactive online resources.

They are continuing to identify strategies that increase Quitline reach and engagement. As well as long-term tobacco cessation rates for people living with behavioral health conditions. Evaluating the use of strategies to address behavioral health conditions while quitting tobacco, such as self-help materials, text and emails, online resources, and community integration. 

Why Quitline? 

National Jewish Health is the nation’s leading respiratory hospital. As one of the most established tobacco cessation programs available, they have helped more than 1.5 million people quit tobacco. By developing individualized quit plans and providing true person-to-person connections, they consistently achieve one of the highest tobacco quit rates in the nation.

Sieda Tobacco Prevention is partnered with this program to encourage individuals to become tobacco-free. If you have questions, you can reach Lisa at 641-683-6747. Or visit Quitline Iowa.