This is financially and emotionally a difficult time a year for senior homes in our community. There are over 310 seniors (60+) in Appanoose struggling below the 100% poverty line [1]. Moreover, 100s more at the Sieda’s LIHEAP and senior food bag program line of 175% of the poverty level. 

Therefore, Sieda provides for seniors that enroll in Appanoose County Silver and Gold Program. Food items, such as ham, canned vegetables and fruit, broth, gravy, noodles, Jell-O, potatoes, and stuffing. Sieda purchased food with our funds and donations from John Deere and Southern Iowa Electric.  Likewise, thanks to the businesses that handled our large food orders. With this program growing, any help we get is a blessing. 

During the program, CAPS Michelea and Regina were able to hand out bags to 194 seniors living in 145 homes in Appanoose County. The number helped has grown for the program each year for the last several years. The seniors could sign-up if they are automatic LIHEAP (Heating Assistance) senior households. Meaning they are 60-year-olds and up and living in a home with a fixed income from year to year. We hope next year to continue to reach even more.

Appanoose County Operation Santa

In the same vein, our Sieda clients are also blessed by a community that provides gifts to children through the Appanoose County Operation Santa. 25.3% or nearly 700 youth under 18-years-old in Appanoose County live below the 100% poverty line [1]. Qualified families with children 0 to 18 years old were able to apply to this program. Hundreds of children were adopted and provided gifts.

It is exciting to be a part of the Appanoose community.