Sieda Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Lisa M. provides education and programming across our counties to spread the dangers of all forms of tobacco. Tobacco use is not only a health issue it is also an environmental issue. Billions of cigarettes are smoked each year in the United States along with Vaping products. The waste from cigarettes and vaping products can leach toxic chemicals into the environment if not disposed of correctly. Nicotine, including nicotine salt, as well as e-cigarette lithium-ion batteries waste, leaches into the ground and water. Becoming a danger for humans and wildlife, alike.

The following are best practices and information compiled from state departments of health and public health nonprofit organizations.

Our Sieda Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Lisa M., can provide support and information at 641-683-6747. If you are interested in her speaking to a group please contact her. Or contact Quitline Iowa directly at 1-800-QUIT-NOW for help quitting.

Lisa McConnell
Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Sieda Community Action
Behavioral Health and Treatment Services