Landlords, service agencies, utility providers, and other organizations are encouraged to share program information with Iowans in need of assistance. We at Sieda Community Action encourage any needing help to take the eligibility precheck or if you are a landlord, spread the word to tenants.

The Iowa Finance Authority is working hard to develop the Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance Program as we know that there is an immediate need for many Iowans.

At this time the full application is anticipated to be available at the end of March. An eligibility precheck for the Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance Program to check for initial eligibility is currently available at along with other program details. It will provide financial assistance to eligible COVID-19 impacted Iowans for rent and utility costs for a period of up to 12 months.

Renters in need of assistance are encouraged to take the new Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance program’s eligibility precheck to determine if they meet the initial eligibility criteria.  If you are eligible, sign-up to receive a notification when the full application is available.

Landlords with tenants that are in need of help with rent or utility payments should:

1) Provide tenants with information about the program

  • A program flyer that can be shared with renters is available under the resource section on the website. Landlords are encouraged to share the flyer with tenants via email or hard copy.

2) Encourage tenants to take the eligibility precheck.

  • If tenants meet the initial eligibility criteria, they can then sign up to receive notification for when the full online application will be available, currently scheduled for the end of March.
  • Direct tenants who meet all eligibility precheck criteria to gather required identification and income documentation under the resource section on the website, so they can be ready to apply as soon as the full application is available.
  • Please note that tenants in need of assistance with the full electronic application will be able to obtain assistance through the Application Support Team or may have a family member, friend, case manager, or other trusted party assist in completing the application (all required documentation must be submitted with application).

3) Ensure tenants have your correct landlord email address.

  • This email is used for landlord verification purposes, a mobile phone number can also be used for this purpose, although an email address is strongly preferred. Applications without a completed landlord verification cannot be reviewed.

To visit their resources click the images to get the full details.