We know cigarette smoking and vaping are linked to lung inflammation and lowered immune function. Both potentially heighten the risk for a more severe response if exposed to COVID-19. 

    • Smoking doubles your risk of developing respiratory infections.
    • Smoking weakens the immune system and the body’s ability to fight infections.
    • Smoking increases your risk of getting sicker from COVID-19.
    • People who smoke were 2.4 times more likely to get very sick or be admitted to an intensive care unit, needing mechanical ventilation, or dying compared to those who did not smoke. 
    • Vaping can also harm lung health as evidence suggests that the aerosol from vaping devices can harm lungs at the cellular & organ levels.
    • Vaping can also worsen the body’s ability to fight respiratory infections.

Stopping smoking and vaping can help your health.

Our Sieda Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Lisa M., can provide support and information at 641-683-6747. If you are interested in her speaking to a group please contact her.