Get Ready… Get Set… Go!” Just as a “starter” would call these directions out to the runners in a race, the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is similar. Behavioral Health and Treatment Services (BHTS) Prevention Department has been measuring community readiness. Community stakeholders across BHTS ten counties have completed surveys, and our staff reviewed them. That is to say, they completed the “Get Ready” step in the SPF.

Get Set!” BHTS Prevention staff are working on strategic plans for each of their ten counties. Communities have reached the Planning Step of the SPF. With the assistance of community stakeholders, three priority areas for each county are determined. 

“Community members have been very helpful in this process. They are sharing what they know about their county and providing valuable input,” states Ilene Johnson, Certified Prevention Specialist. 

Potential priorities include youth tobacco use, prescription drug misuse by those over 65 years old, youth marijuana use, suicide for all ages, methamphetamine for all ages, and adult binge drinking for those 25 – 65-years-old. Action steps will be developed and will be implemented by April 2022. In short, “Go!” 

The benefit of the SPF process allows local areas to shape the strategies that will fit the best. Other benefits to citizens include safer communities, improved health, and a better quality of life.

For details on the first steps of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) that our Sieda Prevention Specialists began, please visit:

Sieda BHTS Prevention Strategic Prevention Framework

Community Readiness Assessment Steps