Secondhand and Thirdhand smoke is just as dangerous to animals as humans. There is no safe level of exposure to those toxins. Research has associated tobacco smoke with certain cancers in pets. Including pets with allergies and respiratory problems. Animals lick and groom themselves often, causing ingestion of particles & toxins in thirdhand smoke. Secondhand and thirdhand smoke is absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose of pets, causing illness and disease.

Nicotine is a poison, and Pets are in danger by:

  • Breathing secondhand smoke or vape
  • Drinking water that thirdhand smoke has settled into
  • Drinking water that contains cigar or cigarette butts
  • Licking thirdhand smoke off their fur or skin and floors and or surfaces.
  • Eating cigarettes or cigar butts
  • Eating nicotine products, such as those found in nicotine patches, vape, or Nicorette gum.

Protect Your Pets:

  • If you use tobacco/vape products, you can call the Quitline of Iowa for free cessation help & support at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.
  • Keep tobacco and nicotine products away and out of the reach of curious pets.
  • Clean ashtrays after every use. Don’t leave butts or vaping products where pets can find them.
  • Don’t allow the use of tobacco or vaping products around your pets.

                                    Together we can keep our pets safe!

Lisa McConnell
Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Behavioral Health and Treatment Services
Sieda Community Action