LifeSkills Transitions is being implemented this month in Moravia High School with juniors and seniors and at Appanoose Co. Campus, the alternative high school in Centerville.  LifeSkills Transitions is a 6-session curriculum designed to assist students with skills they will need as they transition into the workforce and/or further education.  The session topics include stress management, goal setting, effective communication, decision-making and risk, managing time and money, and building relationships.  

The Botvin LifeSkills Training Transitions program is a highly interactive, skills-based curriculum designed to promote positive mental health and personal development.  LS Transitions helps participants achieve competency in the skills that not only are key to success but also have been found to reduce and prevent substance use and violence.  Prevention Specialist Ilene Johnson states, “I am finding the juniors and seniors I am working with already have a basis in these skills, but the discussions and interactive activities allow them to build these skills further and see how these skills will help them reach their goals.”

Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Prevention staff are tasked with facilitating evidence-based programs in communities and schools.  Evidence-based means the program is validated by some form of documented evidence.  In this case, Botvin’s LifeSkills Transitions curriculum is supported by documentation that has been effectively implemented multiple times in the past in a manner that is attentive to scientific standards of evidence, and with results that show a consistent pattern of credible and positive effects.