Quitline Iowa is a free resource that offers the (2 AAs & R) Ask, Advise, and Refer-Connect program for all health providers to help patients quit a tobacco/nicotine addiction. Quitline Iowa provides free cessation counseling that supports the behavioral change necessary for long-term recovery. Healthcare providers’ use of referral mechanisms like Ask, Advise, and Refer-Connect is a key strategy for improving the impact of tobacco treatment. 

Help your patients connect & quit tobacco/nicotine:

I, Lisa, Sieda Tobacco Prevention Specialist, provide 2 AAs & R-Connect training to all health providers & staff. This is a short 30-minute training (lunch & learn), that can be done virtually or scheduled in person. Learn how to use a quick easy fax referral program & more about the customized Quitline Iowa Programs including nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs).

(2 AAs & R-Connect):

                              Ask- every patient if they use Tobacco/Nicotine

                              Advise- all tobacco users to quit

                              Refer-Connect those ready to quit to Quitline Iowa

Lisa McConnell
Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Behavioral Health and Treatment Services
Sieda Community Action