The Jefferson County community comes together annually to give to the Jefferson County Sieda Children’s Christmas. The need is great. There were 154 households with children under 18 in Jefferson County under the 100% poverty line in 2020 [1]. That number is above 300 families when increased to the 200% income level. Sieda Christmas program follows the LIHEAP (Heating Assistance) guidelines, allowing us to help families below the 200% poverty level. Meaning even more families can get the help they need. Sieda programs during 2021 served 277 homes with children in Jefferson County [2].

Community Help

As a result, of the many adoptions, money gifts, gift shopping, volunteer help, and toy giving, this was a more cheerful Christmas for 378 children in a low-income family. There were many generous supporters and donors. Plus, volunteers from Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. came and helped. Due to the kindness of the community, 378 children received gifts. Furthermore, helping assist 153 families during a financially stressful time of year. 

The distribution was at the Golden Magnolia Sanctuary or the Old Presbyterian Church on Main Street in Fairfield. Sieda thanks them for opening their doors to our program. Bagged gifts filled the chapel and foyer.

The families that picked up the donated gifts appreciated your generosity. We have a few thank you notes pictured below. And we are sure you brought great joy to the children. Thank you, Jefferson County community.