On January 10th, Sieda Community Action FaDSS team members were present at the Day on the Hill at the State Capitol building. This is an annual event where staff can educate legislators about the benefits of the FaDSS program and answer questions about community area concerns. Sieda FaDSS Specialists and Program Manager advocated how the program is important to combat these concerns.

Staff spoke about the 15 domains of life that families are provided assistance with while in the FaDSS program.

These domains include:

  1.  Housing
  2.  Transportation
  3.  Child Care
  4.  Income
  5.  Employment
  6.  Mental Health
  7.  Physical Health
  8.  Substance Abuse
  9.  Legal
  10.  Support Network
  11.  Nurturing and Attachment
  12.  Child Development Support
  13.  Adult Education
  14.  Language
  15.  Relationship with Partner

Thank you to the FaDSS team for representing Sieda and working to ensure these services remain in place for families experiencing poverty in Iowa!

Jamie Anderson, Ranae Banicky, Dianne Ellis, Helena Hayes Republican House District 88, Melissa Maxey, Dana Rowe

Melissa Maxey, Dianne Ellis, Hans Wilz Republican House District 25, Dana Rowe, Jamie Anderson

FaDSS Sieda and SICAP FaDSS staff with Republican House District 26 Austin Harris

FaDSS staff speaking to legislators Austin Harris and Hans Wilz