As part of our Integrated Provider Network (IPN) prevention grant, we are surveying 50 to 100 residents (depending on the county) about their perceptions of gambling and whether they have gambled and experienced any problems from it.  The Behavioral Health and Treatment Services unit will use the information to provide problem gambling prevention services appropriate to the local situation.

The survey is appropriate for anyone over 18 years old living in the 10 counties we provide services to, is done through SurveyMonkey, and is anonymous.  

For the purpose of the following survey, “gambling” means betting or risking money or something of value to win or gain money or something of value. This could be playing cards or dice for money, betting on games of skill or sports games, playing fantasy sports, or any internet or smartphone application-based gaming (including in-game and in-app purchases). Gambling also includes the lottery, bingo, raffle tickets, and any games or machines played at a casino.

Thank you for participating in our survey. This will only take about 2 minutes of your time.

Your feedback is important.  Click on the link below to access the survey.  

Be assured that the results of this survey are confidential and Sieda Community Action does not track an individual’s answers.