Sieda Community Action continuously collects data from our numerous programs, clients, and the community. Sieda client data collection starts from the moment our staff works with people who come to us with a need. Whether that is families wanting help meeting goals to be more self-sufficient, enrolling in Head Start, those seeking counseling, financial assistance for a disconnect, disaster relief, or volunteer hours.

Sieda staff collects and enters this information into numerous data systems. The Program Managers collect this information to report and provide to their Unit Directors. Our service data is shared monthly in meetings with the Board of Directors.

Every few years, we also have Client and Community Needs Assessments to learn how Sieda can better serve those in need and the community. Comments from the surveys help motivate us or learn how to improve.

This dashboard and future dashboards will reflect just a few of the abundant numbers and information that Sieda collects from our programs, surveys, and community.

April 2023