What is Head Start™?

Formal studies have demonstrated that children who have attended Head Start™enter kindergarten “ready to learn” and perform significantly better throughout the school years than their counterparts who did not attend Head Start™.

Sieda Head Start™ is a preschool experience for low-income and disabled children 3-5 years of age.  Head Start™ is a holistic approach to early childhood education that addresses not only the educational needs of the children but also the health, nutrition, social, mental health and literacy needs as well.  Multi-cultural classrooms serve children who are unable to speak English or speak English as a secondary language.

Children attend preschool classes four days a week.  Meals and snacks are served.  In addition to the classroom activities, children and their parents take part in field trips to expose them to educational and cultural activities in their communities.

Applications for Head Start™ are taken throughout the year.

Why Should Head Start™ Be Your First Choice?

Sieda Community Action and Head Start have been providing preschool and early childhood education for more than 50 years, and few early childhood programs are held to a higher standard than the Head Start program. Our classes are four days a week and available to children ages three to five years of age. Limited transportation is available in some counties, and we offer bi-lingual classroom environments.  Head Start works closely with AEA and other special needs preschools to provide individualized services, for children with special needs. Plus, as a federally funded preschool program, Sieda Head Start is offered at no cost to families!

What You Need to Fill Out an Application:

  • Child’s  birth verification (Birth Certificate, Title 19 #/Medical Card, Hospital Certificate, or Passport).
  • Proof of income for at least 12 previous months (copy of pay stub, taxes, W-2, letter from employer, FIP, or other form of verification).
  • Birth dates and/or Social Security numbers for all family members in the house.

Contact us for enrollment information

Contact 1-800-622-8340 or your local county Sieda Head Start Center

Sieda Head Start™ serves

  • Appanoose
  • Davis
  • Jefferson
  • Keokuk
  • Mahaska
  • Van Buren
  • Wapello counties

School District Partnerships

  • Van Buren County CSD
  • Cardinal Community School District