For Christmas 2020, Sieda clients living in Mahaska County were supported through two programs. Both the Sieda Mahaska County Children’s Christmas and the Oskaloosa Police Department Christmas. To clarify, families that applied to Sieda were also provided to the Oskaloosa Police Department. Meanwhile, Sieda handled other children with the help of many great businesses and groups. No child is left without. Sieda funds the gifts of children not adopted.

People and businesses in our counties have shown again why Sieda is blessed to serve our communities. For 2020, Sieda Mahaska County Resource Center provided gifts to 315 children, ages 0 to 18-years-old. 

Winter is a difficult time a year. Heating cost, winter clothing, and providing for your children during Christmas is hard on all families. Especially for the nearly 500 families with children under the age of 18 living in Mahaska County below the 100% poverty line [1]. Sieda LIHEAP (Heating Assistance) helps families below 175% of the poverty level. Making it many more families that need help.

Likewise, the same poverty level (175%) can apply to our Christmas programs. With the help of many in the community, we gave Christmas assistance to 137 families

Thank You

Most importantly, many great businesses in the area helped with gifts. Thank you for adopting families and children this year. We appreciate all of the people from businesses, groups, and the community that gave to others. 

Additional thanks to the Central United Methodist Church for opening their doors again for Sieda to distribute gifts. And the Oskaloosa Police Department Christmas Program’s help in the community.