Sieda Community Action would like to share the recent certification of our Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visitation: Healthy Families America (MIECHV HFA) Program. Sieda’s MIECHV HFA Program received its Fidelity Review Certificate. The program had approximately six months to complete the evaluation. The extensive process included a review of practices, documentation, service demographics, and assessments. They examined as well our training and supervision of staff. The program staff met as a group with the HFA evaluator in addition to individual interviews with supervisors and Unit Directors.

Jennifer Fleener, Unit Director over MIECHV HFA confirms, “This MIECHV team has worked their hearts out to make sure they are providing MIECHV services as designed to be facilitated by the Healthy Families America model of services.”

Most importantly, the Fidelity Assessment confirms the site understands how to implement the model and has implemented critical components to fidelity. This assessment happens every five years.

Sue Wolver, MIECHV HFA Program Manager, explained further, “There are approximately 160 standards that must be in compliance with the model to receive the Fidelity Certificate, but it is worth it to know that we are providing quality services to our communities.”

The certification letter states, ‘Appanoose/Wapello MIECHV has completed the HFA Fidelity Assessment process and is considered a provider of high-quality HFA home visiting services. Healthy Families America recognizes the challenges faced in providing services during this time and is honored to grant Appanoose/Wapello MIECHV the Certificate of Fidelity.’

Sieda MIECHV, Unit Director Jennifer, sums it up well, “They (Sieda MIECHV) care deeply about the families they serve. Sieda and I are so proud of them! Thank you to Sue for compiling and providing all the information and data needed for this accreditation. It’s no small task. I appreciate these ladies every day!”

Please congratulate the staff of MIECHV HFA on their significant achievement! Well Done!