Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visit Program: A Healthy Families America Affiliate (MIECHV HFA) Program Manager, Sue Wolver, shared some fantastic news. In the Iowa Family Support Network newsletter for the month of May, they picked our very own Robin Simmons as the Home Visiting Hero. Robin has worked as a MIECHV HFA Worker for nearly 9 years. She is a great asset to Sieda and MIECHV HFA. She nurtures parents in Appanoose County in their role as the child’s first teacher.

Check out the Home Visiting Hero Spotlight:

Staff Spotlight – Robin Simmons!

This month’s Home Visiting Hero is Robin Simmons! When her supervisor, Sue Wolver, was asked why she felt Robin should be spotlighted, she replied the following, “She has been with our program for almost 9 years (in August) and has been through so much with us! She was given a pink slip when we thought MIECHV funding was not going to be renewed. We have laughed together, cried together, and celebrated together. Her (program) families tell her that ‘everyone needs a Robin in their lives.’ She has helped train many new family support workers only to watch them leave the program and move on to other adventures. She hates change (and would be the first one to tell you that) but has stayed through all of the changes in HFA, MIECHV, and SIEDA. Robin is an asset to the program and will never know just how much I and the families she serves appreciate her.”

Hats off to Robin! Thank you for your continued dedication to Iowa families!

We are so glad you are with us, Robin!

Iowa Family Support Network May Newletter