On September 30th, early childhood professionals from across the state gathered in Des Moines to participate in the Early Learning Fall Institute. During the event the Iowa Head Start Association recognized two Sieda staff members. In addition, they acknowledged one of Sieda’s most admired and long-standing community partners.

Excellence in Community Service Award

Firstly, Cheryll Jones, ARNP, CPNP of Ottumwa’s Child Health Specialty Clinic, received the 2022 Excellence in Community Service Award. This award recognizes significant achievement(s) through innovative community service addressing poverty, early education, and community health in Head Start programs. For more than 50 years, Cheryll’s unmatched resilience and commitment to health advocacy for children in Iowa, with a special focus on those with special healthcare needs, has never wavered.

Iowa Head Start Teacher of the Year

Secondly, Lora Condra, Head Start Teacher in Appanoose County, was recognized as the 2022 Iowa Head Start Teacher of the Year. They present this award to one Iowa Teacher who provides meaningful experiences and positively impacts children and families served by Head Start. Moreover, hard work, compassion, creativity, enthusiasm, and mentorship have filled Lora’s 24 years with Sieda. Her ability to engage her students in the classroom, involve her families in their child’s learning, encourage advocacy, and support her colleagues is unparalleled.

Iowa Head Start Administrator of the Year

Thirdly, Liz Fairchild, Child Development Director, was recognized as the Iowa Head Start Administrator of the Year for 2022. With 16 years of experience, Sieda’s Head Start program has truly benefited from her commitment to children and families. Likewise, her focus is on staff development and collaborative approaches. Brian Dunn, Sieda Executive Director, “The past two years have come with unique and difficult challenges. Liz has met each challenge with grace and professionalism. I am so happy to see her hard work and dedication recognized and rewarded by the state association.”

Congratulations to the 2022 Iowa Head Start Association award winners!

LIz, Dana, and Cheryll

Dana Belzer, Cheryll Jones, and Liz Fairchild

Liz and Condra Awards

Liz Fairchild and Lora Condra

Dana and Liz Award together

Dana Belzer and Liz Fairchild