Sieda Community Action would like to congratulate Angie Mach for graduating from the Ottumwa Leadership Academy. Angie is the Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visit Program: HFA Assistant Program Manager. She is a member and was sponsored by Resilient Communities of Wapello County.

Ottumwa Leadership Academy is held annually for local leaders to collaborate, enhance their skills and learn more about the Ottumwa community. Beginning in August and ending in May each year, participants engage monthly with a day-long class and work as small groups outside of class in areas that are identified as needing improvement in the community.

All the groups are given a budget and work on a development project that will actually be implemented in the Ottumwa area in the future. Graduates leave the program with new skills, knowledge and a networking base of other professionals they can continue to work with to enhance the community together.

Congrats to the Leadership academy graduates and Angie!

Info on the Graduating class