In addition to providing full Substance Use Disorder Service, Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services also provides Problem Gambling Treatment Services in the 10 counties that we serve.  These services include screenings, assessments, and individual counseling sessions for either the problem gambler or their family. A budgeting component is also included to assist families in recovering from the financial strain that problem gambling can cause.

Often gambling can start out as an escape or something that is exciting and done for entertainment. Some people then gamble longer than they intend, bet “over their head,” and then “chase their losses.”  Lying to family about how much they are gambling, miss family commitments or work because of gambling and spend time thinking about gambling. Distracting them in other areas of their life.

Gambling can include casino gambling, but can also include sports betting, lottery tickets, scratch tickets, pull tab tickets, bingo, horse and dog racing, and gaming.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with Problem Gambling, there is hope for recovery, and we would love to hear from you. We also are available to come to your group or organization and provide additional education about gambling and the services that we offer. Call 641-683-6747.