March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services Prevention department is raising awareness this month through presentations, radio talk shows, and by working with community leaders to complete readiness surveys on problem gambling. Problem gambling is one of the most under-reported and unrecognized issues in our communities. Many folks will say, “If it is a problem, and he/she is spending too much money, they should just stop.”

Gambling disorders are not a sign of poor moral character or that a person is lazy or greedy. Evidence shows that many factors, such as psychological needs, social pressure, developmental issues, and the biological functions of the brain, all contribute to a gambling disorder. The other fact that confuses people about the seriousness of problem gambling is most people (90-95%) can gamble without problems.

Help is Here

Iowans now have more choices about the help they receive for problem gambling. Services are available in person, by phone, through secure chat or video. By contacting Sieda Behavioral Health and Treatment Services at 641-683-6747, calling 1-800- BETS OFF or going to, gamblers, or their family or friends can receive everyday life support.

Iowa Problem Gambling Data: