Halloween is often considered to be the beginning of the holiday season. If you are wondering how to throw a party and make it great without alcohol, here are some tips on how to have a great party without the need for intoxication.

  1. Make sure to tell everyone that this is an alcohol-free party. Invite sober and non-sober friends as well as their kids. Bringing kids to a Halloween party is great because they truly understand what Halloween is all about – fun and candy!
  2. Costumes are key! You can either choose a theme or allow everyone to be creative. The money you would have spent stocking the bar could go a long way to creating an outstanding costume!
  3. Create different places of interest. Have food and beverages in one area, dancing and music in another, and so on.
  4. Play a scary movie. You can even project the movie on the side of your house. If kids are attending, make the movie age appropriate.
  5. Have lots of food and drinks. You can build the menu or have everyone bring a dish. Make “mocktails” or have a variety of water and soda.
  6. Having games at your party is sure to get people in the party mood. Make the games easy to play while in costume.
  7. Make sure everyone takes lots of photos either with their phones or with disposable cameras. Have them email their photos to you and make sure everyone gets a final copy.
  8. Have take-home treat bags for everyone. This will have everyone remembering the party long after it has ended.

A sober Halloween party, is the beginning of a holiday season that can be remembered and cherished. 

Information obtained from Fresh Start of California and Irina Gonzalez.