The last months of preschool went out with fizzle rather than the year’s typical sizzle. Although our teachers across our 7 counties continued to connect with their students in a variety of ways. Including having many families sharing their children doing many activities. From holding a chicken for their farm study, to plant and tree scavenger hunts, to decorating mini teacher cutouts to do activities with, or creative art and learning. Summer break is here for our preschool students and their families. However, we would love to send a congratulation to our graduates and can’t wait to see you, everyone, again. Remember to always strive to be the best you, that you can be.

Enjoy a few pictures from our Sieda Head Start Centers, as well as our Partnership School District classes. There were so many great activities and events. Click the images to enlarge.

Appanoose County Sieda Head Start

The Appanoose preschool classes had many field trips, family visits, loads of guest visitors that came to teach or read, learning activities, and theme days. Plus, a great day in the snow.

Cardinal School District & Sieda Head Start

Cardinal School District and Sieda Head Start are partnered to provide preschool education in Wapello & Jefferson County. A few of the classes shared pictures of guests (Super D), nutrition activities, field trips, and more.

Davis County Sieda Head Start

Working with Davis County School District, the Head Start Center had a full year of visitors with great stories and art activities, the Firefighters, family, and fun. And some Turkey Pokey Dancing.

Douds Elementary School & Sieda Head Start

We have two schools we serve Head Start in the Van Buren County School District. Our Douds preschool class had some events like the Family Literacy Night, STEAM Night, and great visitors like the Firefighters and more.

Harmony Elementary School & Sieda Head Start

Harmony is the second school we provide services in the Van Buren County School District. They had a RIF Night full of dance, stories, and activities.  Plus, here is a look at some class group activities.

Jefferson County Sieda Head Start

The Jefferson County Sieda Head Start moved into a new location last summer. Which meant both teachers and students were learning about their new rooms as well as new things. 

Keokuk County Sieda Head Start

The Sieda Keokuk County Head Start is a quiet group, but they gave us a peek into some of their fun learning activities. Delicious learning activities were the Homemade Pumpkin Pie and their picnic for their Summer Season lesson.

Mahaska County Sieda Head Start

The Mahaska County Sieda Head Start works with several other partners at the preschool center in Oskaloosa. With that partnership, they have some large events like the Llama RIF Night and Carnival Night. Both full of games, activities, stories, and treats.

Pickwick Early Childhood Center (PECC) & Sieda Head Start

PECC is through a partnership with the Ottumwa School District. Sparky and the other Firefighters, High School Visitors, and Super D were a few of their many visitors. But they always find time for learning, playing, and nutrition with lots of reasons to celebrate.

Head Start program not only focuses on the educational needs of the children but also their health and nutrition with the help of Sieda CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program). They also support activities that the children can take part in with their families.

Applications for Sieda Head Start are taken throughout the year. Contact 641-684-7179 or email Dana at, to see if we have openings at one of our centers in Appanoose, Davis, Jefferson, Keokuk, Mahaska, Van Buren, or Wapello County.